Welcome to my personal univers, where I share my interests and experiences, from AI to tennis and beyond.

When I’m not deep into LMs, I enjoy being on the tennis court or watching some intense matches in person or on TV. I’m a real tennis enthusiast, and I even plan trips just to be at grand slam tournaments.

One unforgettable moment was being in the crowd for the epic Nadal vs. Medvedev match at the US Open finale – what an experience and what a NYC crowd! I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some iconic tennis arenas like Wimbledon and the Australian Open, but my absolute favorite has to be the French Open. Growing up, I played on clay, watched clay matches, and fell in love with the sport on those red courts.

My current favoriate player is Carlos Alcaraz!!!!

US Open 2019

Apart from my passion for tennis, I love being on the water. Having grown up in the Mediterranean, I have a genuine love for anything related to the sea. Seafood, in particular, is my absolute favorite cuisine. I also have a particular love for fine chocolate. So I often find myself baking a lot of chocolate cakes. I also enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, whale watching, and hiking.

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